Should You Be Worried About the WEF?

We are at the time when WEF cannot be ignored any longer. WEF shouldn’t be an obsession, yet it’s important to know, understand and try to address the pressing matter. Somehow more often than not, people eating insects is becoming a fear of many. It shows only limited understanding of the problem. At the beginning…… Continue reading Should You Be Worried About the WEF?

Celebrating the Terror

Understand the situation. Look at the photo. This is the reaction to the terrorist attack. Did you know about it? Did your news outlets tell you? Or did they decide to ignore it? This is the face of the enemy. Watch videos. Understand the situation. These are the “peace partners”. Your MSM are not going…… Continue reading Celebrating the Terror

Positive Impact Action is The Key

Let me start by saying that I’m Jewish, so a few references might be hard to understand. However I strongly feel that it’s not of a principal importance to comment here.  Attacking Judeo-Christian values is going on for years. Please understand the depth of the problem, as I see it.  The problem is advance of…… Continue reading Positive Impact Action is The Key

26 Years Old Man Serving Time in Female Juvenile Facility.

It’s hard to find the right words to express my feelings. Yet let me try to organise my thoughts. First it was disbelief. Headline of the article must be wrong. Nothing makes sense. Maybe it’s a parody? Quick check robs me of this hope.   Next thought is confusion. Two years in juvenile facilities. Maybe circumstances…… Continue reading 26 Years Old Man Serving Time in Female Juvenile Facility.

Unity is Not Uniformity

Life isn’t s marathon or a competition. Yet there is pressure in everything, including biological clock.  Constant drive towards ruining families is glorified on all levels. It starts with not keeping in touch with grandparents and goes on to painting children as burden.  Nowadays the “in” style of parenting is that of being a friend. Children…… Continue reading Unity is Not Uniformity

Segregation isn’t Freedom

Listen to the interview. Read the article. Unvaccinated people are abusiveUnvaccinated people are to stay under lockdown rulesDouble vaccination isn’t a guaranteeCommunities will be locked downPolice will be enforcing vaccine passportsIf police is overwhelmed, other measures can be takenDefence force is used to promote vaccinationPurpose built quarantine facilities and home quarantined. From here, surely you…… Continue reading Segregation isn’t Freedom

Do Not do Unto Others as You Would That They Should do Unto You.

Life is stranger than fiction. Sometimes we see where things are going, but cannot stop it – just like watching movie. How did we end up in this mess? How could we have prevented it? What warning signs were missed or neglected? Above all – what can we do now? It’s not a single trigger point.…… Continue reading Do Not do Unto Others as You Would That They Should do Unto You.

Remember the History

Just in case you missed the news… here’s the article: NSW limits residents to six beers per day My personal alcohol consumption is way under that limit, but “glad” that Big Brother is watching. Ask yourself who has made the decision? Why? What scientific evidence did they have? And after you realize the answers, let’s…… Continue reading Remember the History

Would be much better if people got together to plant trees, but…

I was told off for the comment I made in a Facebook group. It was a fiery discussion. So I thought, maybe will make it to a blog? I support peaceful demonstration. We need real targets and transparency. Each life matters, and quality of life too. Depression, suicide, longer “elective surgeries” lists, poverty – all…… Continue reading Would be much better if people got together to plant trees, but…


G-d creates everything and everyone. People aren’t able to understand anything. We can learn, try, struggle – however the more we learn, the more we appreciate our ignorance. Tragedy struck on this Lag B’Omer. What happened to all the lessons and inspirational stories? What happened to understanding? Why do I feel numb? Numb and ignorant……… Continue reading Tragedy