“Gender Resource Fair” For Students

Did you ever look at historical events & got puzzled at how anyone can be so blind/stupid to believe/follow/ participate in anything like that? Such easy clear choice. How could they? Easy? Maybe from our point in time. What about living in strange reality, where nothing is as it seems. Like Alice in Wonderland -…… Continue reading “Gender Resource Fair” For Students

26 Years Old Man Serving Time in Female Juvenile Facility.

It’s hard to find the right words to express my feelings. Yet let me try to organise my thoughts. First it was disbelief. Headline of the article must be wrong. Nothing makes sense. Maybe it’s a parody? Quick check robs me of this hope.   Next thought is confusion. Two years in juvenile facilities. Maybe circumstances…… Continue reading 26 Years Old Man Serving Time in Female Juvenile Facility.

Equal Rights for Refugees

She is a successful and good looking professional woman. Her field of expertise is law. One would expect her to stand strong against inequality. After all, same laws should apply to everyone and people are innocent until proven guilty, right?  Read the article, look at her and ask yourself – would you pick her as…… Continue reading Equal Rights for Refugees

Socialism or Antisemitism

Musings after reading an article https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/finance-codeword-for-jewish interesting analysis, especially because i don’t support Elizabeth Warren. The idea of wealth redistribution is socialism & I know first hand how horribly the socialist system works. As they say, if you are not a socialist in your younger years – you have no heart, if you are still a…… Continue reading Socialism or Antisemitism

Biden’s diplomatic humiliation

Sky News’ conversation on Biden and China Sadly things are developing as predicted – latest American President is physically unfit and struggling mentally. Harris is going to take the office (just needs more time to run twice afterwards).Is that horrible chief of staff will have even more power? With all the excitement of “all women”…… Continue reading Biden’s diplomatic humiliation