“Gender Resource Fair” For Students

Did you ever look at historical events & got puzzled at how anyone can be so blind/stupid to believe/follow/ participate in anything like that? Such easy clear choice. How could they?

Easy? Maybe from our point in time. What about living in strange reality, where nothing is as it seems. Like Alice in Wonderland – beautiful flowers turning so aggressive over conclusions based on half statement. You can’t even argue – after all, it’s true – Alice isn’t a flower…..and since flowers only know division flower or weed, she has to be a weed with all the consequences. Just enough to push her towards weed smoking caterpillar, where’s her identity is changed on all different level.

This is my reality. Just because it’s hard to believe that centre political views is not sitting on the fence & listening does not mean agreeing. All sorts of accusations are thrown around. It’s easy to get caught in arguments, especially in the world of unclear & constantly redefined terms. If one unable to define a woman, can you still discuss gender dysphoria? If one is thinking in oxymoron terms like mature minor, can you expect clarity? If conclusions are based on feelings while data is suppressed, can you reasonably hope for transparency or accountability?

Still think it’s an easy choice? Just look at this. What do you see? If you don’t know the truth behind it, what feelings does it convey?

Wonderful positive language – resources, creative, welcome, guest, kids story, dinner, games, family, community….. did i miss anything? Now visual – smile, bright colours, easy to read….

The end result is top surgery and a few tablets from the doctor to help…..oh wait, reality is permanent measures like mutilation & chemical castration. Doubt they will talk about it in clear terms….. doubt they will talk about detransition or encouraging not to take drastic measures until maturity or possiblity of gay /bi or struggle ahead….

So now look back at any time in history that puzzled you for one reason or another. Do you ever think – i would never……(insert the action). Now try to imitate the poster. It’s not that hard & if struggle, google gaslit terminology. Now you see it?

And here’s is the solution – Noachide Laws. Look through the whole discussion again, but this time through rules outlined by Creator. Now you see it? Now you understand why they have no choice, but attack these simple honest reality.

The time has come to learn from the source of truth. Torah stories are not fairy tales, they’re not pretty or simple, they teach personal accountability and not global agenda of the tower of Babel. See, it’s actually simple after all. Just follow the real rules & stop pretending.

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