Whitewashing the History is a Path to Self Destruction

Whitewashing the history is a path to self destruction. We see it time and time again, yet persist to follow it.

Our everyday lives see rise of socialism. A few intellectual will pick and choose information within very narrow timeline and we are back to nodding our heads. Confronting them is futile as discussions are dishonest.

Do you know how they get away with it? They add adjectives and pretend it’s something different. And my experience that more information sees “intellectuals” to have 2 typical responses – have a heart (usually regarding unsustainable social programs) or slanderous/ downgrading attitude (who do you think you are to define….. insert woman, marriage, child abuse, grooming, etc).

Just so we clear, communism has never existed as it assumes nullification of needs through illumination of money. You own nothing and be happy… it’s the target. Socialism is a vehicle for achieving it. Regardless of a flavour / adjectives – it’s all the same – Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Mao, Che, national= nazism, democratic, etc. The only problem is that they eventually run out of other people’s money… if you know the history, you know the horror. Learn the history without whitewashing.

Actually, if we would learn the history without whitewashing, we would understand the Tower of Babel story and it’s connection to socialism. After all, unelected pseudo science thinking wanted to prevent natural problems caused by human bad behaviour, isn’t it right? Who cares that the problem is incorrectly identified? Organised (borderline union) labour, inspired by lack of knowledge, cherry picked data and elevation of “science” was enough to drive fear of rainfall into our human hearts and we were ready to disobey G-d.

You can only imagine what happened to people who dared to point out the obvious – G-d said no more flooding & set a rainbow as a sign. Listen carefully, you are denying science? And barricade of slender… yet think about it. They needed propaganda machine and unelected bureaucracy, they needed the WEF/ UN / feminism / swamp to support their rebellion… and we know that story. Did we learn? Or did we find a way to whitewash it? Do you see it now? Translation, new covenant, excuses (the story isn’t what you think or let’s look deeper while neglecting the obvious meaning), etc and it’s whitewash lesson is foggy. So globalism is steadily making comeback into our everyday lives and we barely notice it.

A fascinating thought of Noach just have to be addressed. If he would dare to point out something like “love is love” isn’t the way to go or mutilation of children isn’t acceptable or question men pretending to be women (and visa versa)… would he get warning added or cover up his message or get deplatformed? Or is it possible that his message would lack love and understanding? Who knows… he followed rules, yet kept quiet. History without whitewashing is confronting.

Now you see the pattern – look into the story of Ruth the Moabite. No excuses, no whitewashing – simple confronting story. It’s a story of a beautiful soul and true conversion. Very important to point out the full acceptance and no gain (it wasn’t a rushed or for marriage or for financial gain). so much to learn, so many lessons. is lifetime enough to fully know it?

inspiration for sure. just don’t fall into a trap of taking it out of context, out of history, out of particular family. Don’t underestimate Naomi. Without Naomi, story of Ruth would be very different. Knowing Naomi’s life, understanding her struggles & sacrifices coming from love and clarity of mind is inspiring.

Like every other story we learn, it’s a part of bigger picture. One of many lessons of helping generations shine through the love and support of extended family, children growing up on grandparents lap and stories of courage and survival, simple and honest – this is the power. And think about role models for grandparents – stories clearly mentioned, story of Jacob, story of Naomi… after all, a clear message of the all knowing Creator and His rules isn’t easily transmitted without these stories. Learn them, imprint them on your soul and stand strong. They’re the Noachide Laws – simple and honest and truly universal.

My mind wonders and relives these stories. It’s a beautiful journey as long as it’s grounded and checked against clear messages of Torah stories – simple at first glance but growing into beautiful inspiration. Will you join me on this road to discovery? Let’s learn history without whitewashing as a first step…

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