If You Wish it, it’s Not a Dream

“Somewhere over the rainbow” is a beautiful sweet song. For anyone who grew up on the story of Wizard of Oz, the song itself and an amazingly clever storyline shaped our views. Somehow innocent story keeps growing with us. 

But did you know that the song itself, although written for the movie, was inspired by another, earlier written song? If not, just listen to it.

Although melody was transformed and words adopted, beautiful dream is fulfilled right in front of our eyes. Yes, at a time of the movie coming out in 1939 it was still a dream, but as Theodor Herzl famously said “If you wish it, it’s not a dream“.

Zionism has a lot of wonderful teachings, especially religious Zionism. So open up your heart and listen to it. We are all Maccabi – it’s not just a potential, but our actions. Each time you bring a light into this world, each spark, each good deed are all proving it. Scarecrow doesn’t need wizards to give him a brain. Similarly Tinman doesn’t need wizards to give him a heart. Above all, lion of Judah doesn’t need wizards to give him courage. We all have everything we need to fulfill our roles within ourselves. And in the right situation, we are ready to raise up to any challenge.

It’s all because we are created in the image of G-d. So open up your heart and believe in yourself, believe that in fulfillment of your mission you will find brain, heart and courage. Just pick a mitzvah and do it. Don’t stress about perfection or how often you are able to perform it. Even once is already done.

Ask proper kosher Rabbi for help & he will help you to find the spark of Maccabi. Plus if you truly learn their story without whitewashing or political correctness, you will be truly empowered. Enjoy your journey, because dreams do come true. May we see The Temple restored now 💖

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