Biden’s diplomatic humiliation

Sky News’ conversation on Biden and China

Sadly things are developing as predicted – latest American President is physically unfit and struggling mentally. Harris is going to take the office (just needs more time to run twice afterwards).
Is that horrible chief of staff will have even more power? With all the excitement of “all women” team, gay, black and all other boxes. Look up her team. Research. Pay attention to Karine. Squad pales in comparison….. and the rest is the same.
Crimea happen when same people were in power. Cash payouts to Iranian regime happen when same people were in power. Benghazi happen when same people were in power. And let’s remember the famous speeches “what difference does it make now”, “our allies are our problems” (as VP) and “you are the future” (Cairo speech).
Listen to their voice. Understand that they are honest. Be brave, especially when it’s confronting. No excuses, just their speeches. Their actions.
Still hope to be wrong. Last thing we need is more division. Alt left is becoming left norm. This is scary. Alt right is not much better. At least we confronting them and they are marginalised. Alt left is running unchecked.
Purim passed. Masks are falling. Faces behind masks are getting exposed. It’s scary at times.
I have to remember that I’m not a Jew with trembling knees. There is truly nothing new under the sun.

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