Facebook’s “Standards”

Here we are again – this does not violate community standards. They understand that it might be offensive. Really? Let me think for a second, in which way it’s not offensive? Murdering Jews is not going against their standards? Or portraying Arabs as bloodthirsty murderers? Or they think that they celebrate murder?

Make no mistake, there is a lot of problem with fundamentalist religion. It takes a quick google search and you are able to see hamas, plo, hisbula charters as well as understand that abbas is a holocaust denyer. If you spend a few more minutes, you will see them celebrating 9/11 and brutal murder of Jews with pay-for-slay. It’s heartbreaking, but don’t look away. And for bonus points, check the history of imam of Jerusalem and nazis……… knowing that the whole bloodthirsty culture is financed by Iranian regime and UNWRA (special UN agency for Palestinian refugees. Why do you need to have a special agency? Because they are the only people in the world that pass the status from one generation to another indefinitely. Let it sink in…)

However, let’s stay on the topic. History shows us that majority of people want peace. Peace needs to be nurtured and protected. Please don’t let stereotypes fool you. Latest historical Abrahamic Accords show great hope for peace in the Middle East.

The very definition, community is a group of people either living together or having particular characteristics in common.

As a facebook community, we all united by using a particular social media platform. So if majority of people in every country in the world want peace and would not accept murder if given choice, what makes facebook users different? I refuse to accept that somehow we change just because we share our emotions on social media.

Now we know, it’s not community. So what standards embrace murder? As a Jewish lady, i can tell you that Judaism values life. The same is true for everyone, who believes in the 10 Commandments. So it’s not a standard to embrace murder. Additionally, knowledge that people are created in the image of G-d, makes us respect and actively preserve life.

So please explain to me, how this bloodthirsty racism is not against community standards? Which community? What standards? Or is it a use of capital letters that changes everything in this crazy virtual reality?

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