Socialism or Antisemitism

Musings after reading an article

interesting analysis, especially because i don’t support Elizabeth Warren. The idea of wealth redistribution is socialism & I know first hand how horribly the socialist system works. As they say, if you are not a socialist in your younger years – you have no heart, if you are still a socialist later in life – you have no brain.

Thus all the reference to socialist / progressive writings are relevant. Regardless of the adjective they put before socialism, they are all racist anti-Semites. This is the historical fact. Although E. Warren did not do it in this document, she is playing with fire using same narrative.

One very important point is fully missing though – in Tzar Russia (and most of Europe) Jews were not allowed to own the land or in Russia grow trees (so we wouldn’t hide during pogroms). It’s not just craft or building restrictions.

Furthermore, due to misunderstanding of Kosher slaughter, they thought that we are bloodthirsty and we are drinking blood we drain from meats. They themselves use blood for black puddings, so they didn’t want to even start considering that we will through it away.

Sometimes after animal was slaughtered and didn’t satisfy Kosher standard (more often chicken, but as you know not limited to it). as a result, it was sold to non Jews & without refrigeration, it was done fast and not expensive. This added to the point of wealthy Jews who don’t worry about price of meat.

Stereotype stuck with us.

Above all, we know that no matter what we do, we are strangers in the foreign land. Thus getting Israel back was so critical for us.

And here is the point, throughout our history we are getting abused and the land of Israel is the only way to help it. As much as I can put physical arguments otherwise, this is the historical reality. The ONLY way to have peace (real peace) in Israel is follow G-d’s Law. Sadly there are no politicians prepared to do it.

G-d bless Israel. May we see The Temple rebuild soon in our days.

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