Media Bias

It’s as important as ever to understand the power of big tech. NEVER give up your rights.

Above all, next time you are trying to understand any political event, don’t just google it or rely on wiki – do proper research, follow both sides of the discussion.

For years we are living in the world to that is biased against freedoms and Judaism.

People often asked me, would you be comfortable with neo nazi march? Comfortable? No. Yet i would much rather know if my local baker hates me, because it will help me to make decisions.

First time confronted by horrific anti-Semitism at the hospital, i have spoken about it to the doctor. The answer received shocked me – you are a minority and you will go away. They are loud and create problems. Oh yes, it was off the record. Silly me, i thought he is just a coward.

Many years later, standing against demonstration with hisbulla flags and chants “from the river to the sea”, we had a quick chat to the police. The girl in the uniform told me ” we know you will not attack us, but we can’t do anything about it – they are very loud “.

That encounter made me scream. Hisbulla is a terrorists organisation. Their chants are for murder of Jews. They openly state no interest in coexistence. No surprise that they were allowed to march through the centre of the city – mayor is green party rep for years. Notice how they question very right to exist…. yet our government is allowing it as a debate…..

Media bias isn’t new. Agenda instead of facts became a norm in so called journalism ( started ever so slowly with additional few phrases or just a facial expressions. Yet bias grew to the point of news and facts been covered up by “opinion” pieces). Notice the short newsbreak between opinions, vulgar jokes and interpretation. No news and no accountability from msm.

Still not sure? Think back a few short months ago. People were able to access a lot of information about crimes committed and alleged perpetrators. We saw their faces and the shift in the language was to say “alleged crime”. Was that the reality? No! Crime was real and people are innocent until proven guilty. But the shift was made, language reshaped and now we arrived to the point where pregnant woman was arrested for post on facebook.

Our sages draw our attention to confronting reality of life. The tree is getting chopped by a hammer with the wooden handle. It’s effectively empowering it’s own destruction. We see it constantly happening. Facts are getting known (even if you have to search), racism is getting obvious (even if msm isn’t reporting it) and people are asking a lot of questions. Eventually power hungry politicians will be exposed and the government will be serving the constituency.

The time of challenge are upon us. It’s very turbulent time. We are drawn into fights, which we never wanted. Dream of lasting peace will drive everyone. What do we mean when we say peace? What is behind the word? What is your basic understanding of peace? The answer is simple. G-d gave it to us in the form of the 10 Commandments. It’s all about respect. You don’t have to love the world, just learn to respect your neighbours and don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done to you.

So here’s my line on the sand. It’s not about any party or government – it’s about not doing to others what I don’t want to be done me. The rest is commentary.

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