Equal Rights for Refugees

She is a successful and good looking professional woman. Her field of expertise is law. One would expect her to stand strong against inequality. After all, same laws should apply to everyone and people are innocent until proven guilty, right? 

Read the article, look at her and ask yourself – would you pick her as aggressive hater? And why is she considered refugee? 

Personally i needed to see the video to understand the full picture. Watch it carefully – once without sound and afterwards turn the sound on. If you see her in the office, talking with colleges or having a cup of coffee, would you know? I wouldn’t. I would see well dressed, well presented, well educated woman. Then again, it’s my nature to think good first, which often lends me in akward situations. 

There is something else that’s important to understand. There is a definition of refugees – United Nations define refugees as people who fled war, violence, conflict or prosecution and have crossed international border to find safety in another country. Notice, singular in border – first country without danger. One generation, one international border are the key points of the definition. 

In the beginning the idea was for refugees to return to the country of origin, once danger is gone. However, in 1951 refugees status was extended to people who are not only unable but also simply unwilling to return. So if you think the rules are the same for everyone, you are wrong. 

There are some groups of refugees, where the status is different. To bend the rules, they have their own agencies. There is only one type of refugees who can pass the status like a title from one generation to another indefinitely. To cover up these adjustments, they created UNWRA – agency for Palestinian refugees only. Who are the people who don’t have letter P in their language, don’t even have sound that matches P, and still used it in the name of the country is a question that will be addressed, but for now just as a reference have a look at flag of Palestine in 1939 (https://9gag.com/gag/aP44j5q). 

So fast forward to the current situation, look at her face. Ask yourself same set of questions and see if your answer will change. If you believe in equal rights, wouldn’t you believe that it should be the same for refugees? If so, she isn’t a refugee. And she isn’t peaceful, but rather overprivileged bully. 

All of the above are facts. Now my personal reflection. Look at the amount of energy she puts into promotion of racism and hate. Imagine if all of it would be put towards peace and unity. The Torah records 10 Commandments and 7 Noachide Laws. If only she would learn not to covet or bring false witnesses against the neighbour. That would positively impact everyone, especially her personal and professional life. As a lawyer, she should be fighting for equal rights and against false witnesses…..


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