The Jewish experience ascending the Temple Mount

My thoughts after reading an article in the Jerusalem Post.

It’s a great improvement, yet it’s not a true freedom to pray in the holiest place for every Jewish person.

We have a long way to go before we can say it’s truly prayer without harassment. Furthermore, there are a few claims, which are not supported by archaeological findings.

Regardless of these points, we know for sure that both Temples stood there and that’s the reason why it’s called The Temple Mount.

During Temple times we had all 70 nations worshipping there. It’s a beautiful, colourful and vibrant experience. The whole idea of people worshipping together, with every nation and every person bringing something unique and still able to embrace everyone else’s unique input.

Surely for smooth functioning, different people played different roles. It’s the nature of this holy place and of our lives. We are all given opportunity to grow and become the best version of ourselves. But ourselves is the key word.

The first step of becoming the best version of ourselves is to recognise our unique abilities. With recognition of abilities, comes understanding of limitations. Whatever our limitations will be – they are in our lives to challenge our ways.

So let’s start with recognition of our unique place, appreciate unique place of the community and very unique place of history coming alive right in front of our eyes. This is the key to true lasting peace.

May we see The Temple rebuild soon in our days 

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