The German Experiment That Placed Foster Children with Pedophiles

They say road to hell is paved with good intentions. Everyone understands the importance of looking after children. In the regular family, loving parents provide a secure environment for their children. It is in the safety of family home, children have freedom of expression themselves and subsequently character development. Throughout the exciting years of childhood and bumpy years of adolescence, children are becoming young adults – our movers and shakers, driving our society forward. Young and full of often naive ideas in early 20s, these young people get a glimpse of real life and experience by late 20s. All over sudden, rules imposed by their parents starting to make sense. That itself becomes an indication of readiness to create a family. It’s a fascinating circle of life. Surely there are some exceptions, but they only prove the rule.

Therefore we can start to appreciate the importance of the family unit. Somehow children growing up in orphanages are going through much harder childhood. We know that even when given proper food, clothes and education, generally speaking children develop better in the family home environment. Thus we arrive to the next important point – disadvantaged children will benefit from the foster families. So as a result, careful selection of prospective foster parents is becoming next step. Furthermore, once the foster parents are selected and neglected children are placed in their care, ongoing assessment is required to ensure that the system is working.

So this is the story about government sponsored program (endorsed by greens). The program was set up to ensure that children were provided with ongoing care. That definitely sounds like a good idea as monitoring children’s development should be the priority. Would you like to hear the findings? After 30 years there was a report presented to the Berlin senate in 1988. In this report placing disadvantaged children in care of paedophiles was acknowledged as complete success. If you have a strong stomach, read the article (there is more material in comments section). All good intentions paved the road to hell.

Hopefully now it will become the road to recovery. The reality of the situation is confronting. We as people need to acknowledge our limitations. This world has The Creator and He gave us rules. Among many others, there are rules of purity (including sexual relations) and rules of witnesses. It’s in this delicate balance of checks and balances we can allow freedom. anything less is becoming unsafe for everyone involved.

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