Would be much better if people got together to plant trees, but…

I was told off for the comment I made in a Facebook group. It was a fiery discussion. So I thought, maybe will make it to a blog?

I support peaceful demonstration. We need real targets and transparency. Each life matters, and quality of life too. Depression, suicide, longer “elective surgeries” lists, poverty – all real matters.

Now about my personal opinion.

  1. Segregation is dangerous. Nothing good ever came from segregation. Green pass is a way of segregation.
  2. Definition of terms like “covid normal” is required. Maybe it’s a positive move for better hygiene. Maybe not. Tell me.
  3. Pretending that vaccine death isn’t occuring is wrong. If one death in NSW can trigger army enforced check points, why officially reported death of Tasmanian man in his 40s is ignored? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-22/two-deaths-linked-to-covid-astrazeneca-vaccine-victoria-tasmania/100313344

It’s frustrating to see people talking about it and being attacked.

Transparency of information would be great.

  1. It’s known for some time that boosters will be required. Canada officially ordered them already. Don’t understand medicine, but understand that producers of vaccination have enough information to present for government to order the boosters. So it’s a long process.
  2. Proposed lockdown as a last resort option. It’s not a last resort now? Please tell me what other options are on the table.
  3. There is no need to abuse each other. We are the people (not cases). Government suppose to be working for us. Therefore they have to be held accountable.
  4. If in Victoria building sites can be open with zero reported transmission, why not allow demonstration? And if blm was allowed, why not this one? does virus know the difference? (btw, didn’t attend either).
  5. Personal data security is another unanswered question. Why? Back to transparency.

And virus is the same in VIC or QLD or NSW.

These are just a few questions that require answers

So forgive me for saying it out loud, but without transparency, we have a sad situation where conspiracy theories are flourishing. They’re scary.

If and when we will hear truth, we will see much better outcomes. Our lives are changed forever. We need a road to recovery and it needs to allow celebration and joy.

And personal final point. It’s always disappointing to see bad behaviour. Yet watching videos, it looked like any other demonstration. Would be much better if people got together to plant trees, but…..

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