UN sponsoring boycott of Israel

My thoughts after reading an article in Hayom

There are times in human history when people would get together for different reasons. Throughout the history unions, treaties, partnership, alliances and other bodies were formed. Typically these organisations have one purpose.

Let’s be honest, it’s generally starting as a positive response to some particular event, majority of them end up creating problems for an average person. And typically Jews are becoming a canary in the mine. The sad pattern doesn’t change regardless of the fundamental nature baseced on religious or non religious views. And no, it’s not a fobia, but rather admission that taken to the extreme any idea is creating a trail of destruction. even self proclaimed religion of peace produces terrorists like hisbula, hamaz, isis, plo, mb, etc as well as religion of turning another cheek produced inquisition, crusaders, cossacks, missionaries. Sadly there is much more, but for now both main examples show failure to understand the principle of unity not uniformity. One of the most magnificent points of having The Temple is the idea of having the place where all 70 nations will come to worship One G-d. That’s true peace – the recognition of differences and understanding of each man and woman as well as each nation have special role, knowing that we all different and embrace unique place for ourselves and our neighbours, ability to honour converts and not proselytise. simply put, it’s a balance. We are all learning and even purely political development like Abrahamic Accords shows goodness and strive to live in peace. on the local level, we can all think of religious organisations providing soup kitchens, shelters, clothes, jobs, counselling and much more for people in hard circumstances. This is all new hope. Notice how positive impact is based on recognition of value each individual life, while understanding of the greater power of G-d who recrestes universe each moment yet exists outside the concept of time.

However international organisations based on secular ideas are becoming increasingly problematic. unlike previous examples, they don’t possess baseline of The 10 Commandments. That sets a dangerous precedent, where self interest and greed are ruling powers. Covering their intentions by great slogans, they worship nature, animals and money. for them, we are masses and not individual people. These masses need to be ruled, therefore oldest principal of divide and conquer is a weapon of power (most common division points are race gender and personal property). Masses need to be easily relocated and productive members easily replaced. therefore borders, history and identity are the problems (notice united nations, european union, international criminal court, world health organisation, doctors without borders, black lives matter, etc). Inheritantly rooted in the idea of masses unable to decide what’s good for them, it’s ending up in what we currently describe socialism. It’s rather important to point out that although we reference to it as marxism, the idea of robin hood is much older. It’s all wealth redistribution. And as usual pockets of people in power are lined with your money. Make no mistake, we need some common infrastructure projects, but time comes where they want to govern more. Historically it ends up in bloodshed, riots, looting, robbery and abuse of power.

Yet most dangerous place is the place where alliance is formed between secular and extreme religious sides. It’s a paradox which is impossible to understand and the only explanation is blind hate. Make no mistake, they know that at the end of the day both sides are not able to coexist. Yet here we are…… personally it’s impossible to understand qeer for palestine, bds or unwra kind of alliances. Surrounded by death and misery, they still manage great slogans yet they mostly survive on bully tactics. They will provide most dangerous human rights abusers with money and cover-up stories (from funding and changing rules for ccp so called developing economy to pretending to care for local people in gaza while funding terrorists, redefining refugee status and closing eyes on child abuse, so called honour killing and human shields).

So please read the article. As always, i urge you to do your research into so called ngo. Look for their targets, their leadership, their funding and pay attention to the language. Understand why bds is dangerous and confront their supporters. Often they are much closer – they are in your local municipalities and your local school. Covering up and masking their game, they are not bringing positive changes to anyone. Don’t let lack of transparency and slogans to cloud your judgement.

Let us strive for peace. we have the blueprint – we have the 10 Commandments. Each life matters because we are created in the image of G-d. Don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done to you and the rest is commentary.

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