Remember the History

Just in case you missed the news… here’s the article: NSW limits residents to six beers per day

My personal alcohol consumption is way under that limit, but “glad” that Big Brother is watching. Ask yourself who has made the decision? Why? What scientific evidence did they have? And after you realize the answers, let’s play a game of “when and where did I see it before”? 

There is little doubt that alcohol might cause problems. Growing up in Soviet regime, there were a number of people who abused alcohol. The reasons behind it were numerous. 

The regime in socialist countries is hard to live under. There are no freedoms. There are no human rights. Government dictates policies, which are not structured to do anything beyond creating obedient workers. Your universal healthcare would see no overload – old, feeble are not essential, minority…

It always starts with war on religion. To get people to accept the idea of moving from individuals and human to masses, you have to destroy the knowledge of what matters in life. Only in the situation where people are not looked at as human beings, but cases / masses / workers  – then you can rule without any compromise.

In infamous words of Victorian PM “what human rights?” there is a confronting reality of everyday life. Remembering the history of his support for the assisted suicide (just call it dignity of life), increase of human lives lost during pandemic under the procedure of providing little pill to most vulnerable is not reported. It’s not reported just like increased suicide and suicide attempts due to depression are not reported. 

As a bonus points, do you know the impact on other health condition caused by “management” of this virus? Look it up. This is one of many examples of information available through the government websites. Research further. It’s confronting and unpleasant, but at least see the stats. Please research beyond a few articles to understand the impact of government limitations on use of resources. 

Nowadays asking for transparency is a crime as both major political parties are coming up with slogans and policies without releasing medical advice. So one has a little information to rely on. Yet I urge you to read it paying attention to the assumptions made (usually in small print). Now compare it to the policies in place. 

Consider a few more things. Now  religion is effectively outlawed – not as bad as full on socialism, as we are “allowed” to talk about it, but no public worship can take place (even with “social distancing” outdoors in leu of permitted 2 hours mask on walk). Have a good look around and follow the news as Jews dared to celebrate High Holidays or Christians decided to listen to the preacher (even sing hymns). They’re painted in dreadful colours by fake news. 

Look around yourself. Think about it. Listen to the message you are bombarded with day in and day out. Do you hear constant “us & them”? Constant message of hoarders & regular people, essential & non essential workers, positive & other cases, vax & unvax….. Notice the progression. Now we are discussing not providing medical care for unvaxxed. It’s just an option, just ICU bed, just to flatten the curve, just 2 weeks, just…

Just wait, we will have a vaccine passports, so the resources will be distributed accordingly. Because you are not people, but cases with or without papers. And cases can wait. Plus masses of cases should behave without asking questions, because it’s all about the virus. 

Nobody is denying that things are not rosy and there is danger associated with getting unwell. But before embracing army helping police to enforce curfews (nobody knows medical advice for it either), look around. And please learn history. Strong suggestion, read books written by known tyrants. Why not study the history of Marxism, Leninism, Nazism? Why not understand it? Including idea of universal healthcare and “dignity” of assisted suicide? After all, these “my body, my choice” activists are very comfortable with segregation.

Latter is very confronting. If you follow the developments in international politics, you would notice that behind great slogans of so called feminists and progressives, there was no support for victims of “honour” killing or religious prosecution or political prisoners. It’s clear if you understand the basics of socialism. 

You might ask yourself, why is it important? Because according to the official biographies of so called progressive left – they’re trained Marxists. Would you not think it’s important to understand what it means? Because otherwise it’s easy to fall prey to ignorance and slogans. Yet if you understand the implications of socialism, you will see too many similarities between national & democratic socialism. 

Now going back to the story in discussion. If you know the history, you would know that trying to control distribution is often starts with alcohol. It’s a way to ease into other restrictions, especially since it’s based around consumption and not behavior. When consumed in large quantities,  negative impact on health and wellness is undeniable. So it’s “for your own good”, because cases cannot be trusted to make the right decisions. 

Cases already aren’t trusted with freedoms or they might think that outdoors playgrounds can be safe for a child over 12 years old or both parents taking children to playgrounds or these pesky parents having a quick sip of water. Pesky cases… some even talk to their neighbors instead of reporting on them. Who do they think they are? Humans? Not anymore. Cases, and they better have papers or else.

Now please keep in mind that cases are not criminals – they are what we used to call everyday people who might or might not get a virus. They are people. We are people. And people are created in the image of G-d, with body and soul. 

If anyone still thinking that it’ll end with alcohol, think again. One better, catch up on your history lessons. Because it’s way more fascinating and telling then you might think.

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