Opinions or Facts?

Opinion. What a word. Opinion. In the world of my opinion and my truth, are facts not important any longer?

If you ever thought this would be impossible, wake up. We are going to discuss how the decision would be made. It’s always “interesting” discussion. 

The confronting reality is that it’s more than just one article or one option. Hospitals are underfunded. This isn’t a news and typically not much is done to improve the system. Lots of talk, commissions, committees and not many hospital beds are added. 

Additionally, healthcare workers are often overworked. This isn’t just physical strain, but emotional exhaustion. Understanding the choices made on regular basis will help to see the depth of the problem. 

We pride ourselves in creating a support system for most vulnerable. We always said that regardless of our personal circumstances – equal rights will be extended to all members of the society. We even have anti discrimination laws to ensure that.

Like other countries, we thought it’s important to create democratic society. All equal under the law. The law provided us with rights and gave us responsibilities. Some laws are easier to understand and follow, some harder. Yet there are elections on the regular basis and we shape our society by voting for political party or particular representative. 

Throughout the history we made mistakes. Looking back, we understand that creating segregation is problematic. official segregation ends up in huge humanitarian tragedies. As usual it’s a balance act between inclusive society and protecting individuality. Unity is not a uniformity.

Just when we think we figured out the balance, new challenge is here to test us. Pandemic is definitely testing out our system. With information and volatility of the current situation, we are challenged and torn. Typically we want the government to protect us, but do it without putting any restrictive measures. It’s practically impossible. 

Throughout the hardest time, we have a faith that our healthcare system will not discriminate. Yet read the article. It doesn’t matter how much they pretend to care, they’re pointing out that the life isn’t worse saving based on vaccination status. And no, it’s not about helping doctors or improving hospitals – it’s about not saving lives. 

It’s unacceptable to think that lives are not important. Each life is precious. Our lives are more than just a heartbeat – it’s our human experiences, our physical and mental health and much more. Reducing values of our lives to vaccination status is beyond cruelty.

Our Sages taught us that saving one life is like saving the world. Furthermore, we are taught to remember that our blood is not redder then our fellow. Sounds like basic principles, yet so called media is trying to push the discussion into a wrong direction. They are pretending to care and have good intentions, but it’s far from truthful or helpful.

Sad irony of discussing the value of human life just before the Rosh Hashanah – the anniversary of G-d creating a first man. This is the exact moment when we have to realize that our “good intentions” are leading us in the wrong direction. Story of creation is amazing. Our society is built on Judeo-Christian values learnt compassion and courage from it. 

G-d guides doctors’ hands to save lives. Understanding free choice makes it into a bit more complicated matter. Yet if you really want to help, think positive impact, which includes giving charity to support people in need. That includes helping to fund hospitals and research. This is another prominent theme of the Rosh Hashanah – kindness, charity and support. My preference to give to charity that provides transparency of spending. It’s the matter of balance and accountability – both secondary to kindness and compassion. It’s all in the story of creation. 

So let’s be honest with ourselves. We are in the difficult situation and hard choices are made. Not simple and easy choices. Our answer should be driven by trying to preserve life and providing support for each person individually and indiscriminately. We do it, because lives matter. If you are like myself, who believes in act of creation, or you think we evolved from single cell – we agree that humanity is precious. This precious humanity is just a sum of individual lives. 

Based on all of the above, let’s see our options. Are they aligned with our core values? My opinion is aligned with knowledge of providing medical care and support for all the people without discrimination or segregation. Historically it’s proven to be the right attitude. It’s much more than just opinion.

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