It’s For Your Own Good

My thoughts after reading this article

Read carefully. Realize the impact. Will people be allowed to vote based on vaccine passport? Because otherwise people can get their opinion listened to.

Should we add a few more items to the list? How about we add weight to votes based on skin colour? Gender? Religion? Endless possibilities, right? How about we put people who disagree in special “education” facilities, where they will not have any appeal system available to them. You know, for your own good and safety. They have it in China.

The best thing above these facilities, you can change the name and keep on selling this idea time and time again. Watch – ghetto, camp, working camp, education, reeducation and now… drum roll… quarantine facilities. All easily sold ideas and all “for your own good“. Purpose built quarantine facilities are coming to Australia by the end of the year. And if you are curious, there is no appeal process to get out of it.

Would you like to see the life inside similar facilities? Have a look at photos from ghettos, especially in the beginning. Looks like a housing project. Remember that in camps for entertainment they had theatre, music and “shower”. Just don’t call it gas chamber, call it shower. And look at the level of propaganda. SHAME on Red Cross for participating in it. SHAME on fake news for spreading it. 

But now we learnt from history, right? Nothing of that sort could happen again. We have international bodies, who will see that human rights are upheld. Sure enough “brave” journalists will report the facts. So brave, they call president of US anything they want. Isn’t it pack fake courage? Look at camps used by USSR. There are videos. Find them and watch. 

You would say there is no more USSR, so no problem. Let’s see another one and this time it’s much easier to find a footage of it. Disney decided to make movie in one of them. First they obtained permits and did the whole movie. They knew about slave labour used. They understand that they are a part of propaganda and they still made the movie. Excuse is very confronting – it’s more financially sound and authentic. Let me put it in a simple way, for my deplorable friends – slave labour is cheaper than fair pay. 

If you following the story so far, look up a video Disney put in defense of using slave labour camps. Does the child playing on the swing look hauntingly familiar? Without knowing and watching side by side videos from Stalin time camps and nowadays Chinese government camps, would you know which is which?

For your own good…

Did you boycott the movie? Just curious. Did you? Or the argument of “already produced” is good enough? Did our progressive society scream? Did we care about the pain? Where were all the so-called international bodies and activists? Probably busy eating Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, while rewriting the history and pushing agenda. 

Fast forward a few years and we have pandemic on our hands. All over sudden, international bodies woke up. Time to act – gag free speech, take away power from family doctors, change the terminology, control the information (including scientific data), suspend democratic process.

For your own good…

Look up nowadays Australia. The premier of Victoria said during press conference: “what human rights? We save lives. Get your priorities right”.

For your own good…

Get it right. This time it’s not going to be a video of a child on a swing, because it’s against rules (isn’t it exciting – not laws, but rules and directives) to allow a child to access playground. 

In this “wonderful” situation, the president of once free France put successful laws in place, where one cannot get cup of coffee at the café without showing your vaccination passport. Even when we are talking sitting outdoors.

For your own good…

Don’t you know? Don’t you understand? It’s for your own good. And brave media will call it a success, because they don’t have to report facts. Do you see the resistance? Do you see concerns? Or do you hear name calling? Yes, it’s from the same media that had to redefine pedophilia to say that married teacher can have relationship with her student and it’s all to be celebrated as love. 

It’s a great idea to have vaccine passports. Let’s all encourage it. Just scan it and you are free. What’s so hard?

It’s for your own good.

It’s a pure coincidence that all the pushers for these papers are socialists. It’s a coincidence that so called human rights bodies supporting the move are Marxists. It’s a coincidence that army is used against own peaceful population to enforce the rules. It’s a coincidence that all of them will refer to people as masses and cases. 

So now in our brave new world, we can at last have these unvaccinated not voting. Yes! It’s a win for democracy, Especially if quarantine facilities are large enough.

It’s for your own good.

For your health. Don’t improve hospitals, but introduce vaccine passports and quarantine facilities. And btw, once heads will be shaved for the sake of additional hygiene (as they did it before and keep doing it now), should we throw all that hair away? Shouldn’t we recycle, just to save the planet? Would you sleep on the mattress made from it? It’s recycling, natural and good for you. the The idea came from a dog loving vegetarian. 

It’s little by little. Don’t make sudden moves. It’s for our own good. Thank you fake news for propaganda. Just vaccine passports. Now freedom for vaccinated, because it’s for your health. It’s a great idea, right? Because unvaccinated will not demand anything. What rights will they have? Their voices should not influence anything. Take their voting rights away NOW. How dare they think they are people. Masses, cases, covid safe – this is the way to go. Nowadays mothers cannot have custody of the child, if no vaccine passport. At last children are safe without pesky mother.

For your own good. 

Read carefully. Realize the impact.

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