We Write the Script of Our Lives

Mark Twain famously said “each person is like a book and each year is a new chapter”. It’s a wonderful way to express very deep idea, but my feelings towards my life is more like a movie script. Please don’t ask me to pinpoint genre of the movie as there is a development of the plot influenced by sci-fi and adventure, drama and thriller with a dash of romantic comedy. The idea is to grow through different experience and hopefully bring positively impact action to the world. Positive impact is the target. It’s constant struggle and many different ways to achieve that ever illusive idea. As my search continues, there are many lessons learnt on this journey. Even when events seem to be unrelated to this journey, they shape my views and fine-tune my actions. Some developments are shocking – both good and concealed good. It’s these concealed good events that sell news. Make no mistake, no matter how many times I try to convince myself of obvious reality, my headspace isn’t as organized. Although trying very hard, sometimes it’s still a mess. Is it okay to admit it? Is it okay to share? Hopefully yes. Please don’t judge me. It’s a topic of judgement that is very complicated. Often based on twisted facts from very compromised sources, it hits the raw nerve and we judge. If you think you have never done it, think again. Confronting reality of swift judgement of ours is to look back at yourself and see how with time our views are shifting. For my fellow Jews, it’s very noticeable when we study our beloved Torah. At least it’s my journey , my movie script. As a young person, it was hard to accept many things, yet the more I tap into the wisdom of the Torah, the more wisdom opens up for me. And it’s a very long way to go. Often ideas are overwhelming and the beauty of allowing many ideas percolate for a year before coming back is one of the most interesting experiences for me. Come to think of it, my life is a script for serial and not just a movie. So here I am, at another easily identifiable defining moment. It’s coming from social media this time. No, it’s not photo of people with frame of vaccination. It’s hardly surprising as the topic is a hot news. Usually coming from a good place, people are trying to make things better. It’s usually comments that make me sad. Make no mistake, blame game continues even though the situation is volatile and obviously not enough data collected as we see the failure of each wave of modelling and we should thank G-d for it. Like other end of the world modelling, it predicts doom and gloom, looking like a competition for scariest option. The irony of climate change scientists purchasing waterfront property is about on a par with news of investors in vaccine production not immunizing their children. None should influence our decisions, because it’s a good idea to protect our planet and our health, as long as we are not turning it into a religion. Both scenarios require personal positive impact actions. With the strong emphasis on personal, I have very hard decisions to make. Don’t we all? As it’s nearly time to start a new chapter of my book (or new season in the series), I hope to be able to look back and see positive response to harshest situations. It might have taken years of development, yet it’s easier to find compassion towards others. It’s not forgive and forget point, but rather attitude of learning how to react appropriately. It became a habit of mine to open up my mind to a different point of view, while trying not to lose mine. Often thinking about ourselves as stable or strong, we are confronted with situation where we have to admire G-d’s sense of humour. It’s like the situation is building right up to the point of false security and boom! Would you like to have a small preview? Yes, it’s my reaction to the engagement party during lockdown. Probably not the easiest to classify and definitely huge eye opening event, it allows me to learn and confirm my views. As much as event itself was a surprise to me, it’s the reaction to it that caused me pain on all different level. And what a contrast to my feelings. It’s shock which is only comparable with a particular feeling of going to the Grand Canyon. After experiencing it with helicopter flights / river boat and just quiet time, it’s like being into different places. Really grateful for both experiences, I found myself connecting with the sound of silence. Deep down I wish people would leave positive comments or not comment at all. Especially people I know. Sound of silence…….my heart and my soul are rejoicing over young people making decisions to bring positivity into this world. Personally don’t know them or their parents (or most likely anyone at the party for that matter), yet it’s a beautiful triumph of love and hope. Just want to wish them only simha. If you are reading this and know them, please pass my best wishes as a personal favour. Just want to ask you one more favour. If you are reading it – you are a part of my script. So let’s talk, let’s agree and agree to disagree, let’s learn from the history and each other, let’s discuss. Just don’t be an extra or a background. After all, that would make a much more interesting script. Like. Comment. Share.

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