Should You Be Worried About the WEF?

We are at the time when WEF cannot be ignored any longer. WEF shouldn’t be an obsession, yet it’s important to know, understand and try to address the pressing matter.

Somehow more often than not, people eating insects is becoming a fear of many. It shows only limited understanding of the problem.

At the beginning of this bio warfare, we didn’t pay attention to many things. It’s our falling asleep at the wheel that caused covid 19 stage – that stage shows us the power of unelected bureaucracy.

These bureaucrats used covid 19 to show how easily all the freedoms can be taken away – constitutional or implied – no matter. when lockdowns became a part of our lives & curfew was introduced, me witnessing the level of compliance was the answer to many questions of “how could it happen”.

At that stage it became obvious how divide and conquer works. using fear through limiting information available, our society became divided to following groups –

# complying naive followers (government/ health experts/ etc have our interest at heart),

# complying intellectuals (mostly people who can’t define what a woman is),

# complying aggressive (ready to check and dob anyone with a sick pleasure doing it to their own family/ community/ friends)

# complying go with the flow (everyone does it, so who cares)

# complying with privileged/ exemption (with majority enjoying their status up to the point of their unions falling in line with WEF agenda)

# freedom seekers.

In reality we all shifted between categories of compliance for one reason or another, even closing business or issuing permits – it was all compliance of different levels.

Yet freedom seekers is the category that was most fascinating to watch. Driven by the same fear, we saw a lot of them ready to settle for crumbs – having coffee, going shopping, etc. became enough for them. How is that freedom? It’s hard to understand……

Another phenomenon is a sharp rise of conspiracy theories. It’s fascinating to watch as the root of it is the same fear driven lack of transparency.

So going back to WEF and should we be worried? Yes. It’s way beyond Gates buying the farmland, while comfortable talking about killing a large number of people (virus or starvation through “green” policies) – his talk makes majority of people cringe. The current obvious problem is creating 15 minutes cities.

WEF announced it. Are you ready? It’s going to be utopia – everything close, no need to drive (from permit to fuel prices) – bureaucrats will make all the decisions for you (own nothing and be happy) slogan. Yet who will be the owner of things you supposed to be renting?

And no need to worry about anything. right? just walk. look at their propaganda – sunny day (not too hot), young people walking, smiling, enjoying the holiday like place. Do you see it?

Actually, have a good look again. Is there a space for older people? Or we will just offer them an assisted suicide (oops, it’s dignity of life by murdering them). See how easy it is happening? Look at Canada – cleaning person decided that it’s too hard for an elderly lady, so that piece of work started the process of murder in cold blood. All it took is a pharmacist that thought it’s too much medication and they were ready to murder the older lady…. did you follow that story? Now you see why there’s no older people in that picture?

Now look at utopia again. Young healthy people. No more roots of history or constraints of religion. No more old people. Look closely. Do you see pregnant women? Or we don’t need pregnant women in depopulation agenda? After all, in this crazy place anyone can be pregnant, right? We hear it all the time. Even if adults in a normal state of mind are able to resist that nonsense, would it work with children?

And all you have to do is attack family. From disadvantaged taxation to loss of government benefits, getting married is a defining moment. Married or young and free? Free of responsibilities….. do we know how to get older? Or just Peter Pan lifestyle? After all, Tinker Bell is much more fun & better looking than wife (or crying children).

Plus it’s easy to resolve a problem of crying children. Just bring mature minor into play and one can do whatever they want – from mutilation to murder without parental consent. see, just like that no more pedophiles.

Interesting to watch how our new surveillance is ready to monitor our mood. Oh, for your own good only. Now that explains “and be happy” would work in conjunction with “own nothing”. Mood monitor and assisted suicide.

With such open attack on family (specifically on vulnerable, women and children), it takes “intellectual” compliance to justify these horrible ideas, because they can’t possibly manipulate the raw data to have believable projections.

Is it freedom? How many crumbs are you ready to settle for? What’s your price? Just be honest, because we all have a price. Maybe learning history from villain point of view is an important key to understanding and reflection? After all, watching reaction to covid is an eye opener.

Should we be worried about WEF? Yes. They are a confronting reminder to what can happen if we allow ourselves to forget that we are made in the image of G-d.

Watch the video that inspired this post here

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