Segregation isn’t Freedom

Listen to the interview. Read the article.

  • Unvaccinated people are abusive
  • Unvaccinated people are to stay under lockdown rules
  • Double vaccination isn’t a guarantee
  • Communities will be locked down
  • Police will be enforcing vaccine passports
  • If police is overwhelmed, other measures can be taken
  • Defence force is used to promote vaccination
  • Purpose built quarantine facilities and home quarantined. From here, surely you need to get to green policies. Understand that segregation isn’t freedom.

From that point onwards, it’s up to each and everyone to make a choice of either attending places and supporting businesses who enforce or don’t enforce it. My decision is private. Whatever your decision will be, it’s up to you. Psychological impact of lockdowns is huge. It’s especially hard on vulnerable people. Think about it. If a few years ago someone would have told you that there is an elderly person without family near them, you would ask if anyone is visiting them – talking, arguing, laughing… today the answer would be No, because we are saving their lives by isolation. Would you think it’s an acceptable answer? Nobody is asking elderly person or family or friends. We have made the decision as a society. Mind you, old people are offered assisted suicide as an option. So elderly can decide to end their life, but they can’t decide to see other people or go shopping or just use the public park benches…

Let’s think about ever shifting ideas of acceptable behaviour nowadays. Say you have a family with children over 12 years old and under 12. They’re not allowed at school, not allowed to see their friends and family. There are no sport facilities opened, camping trip is out of question and park is only if it’s not far from home. Playgrounds have just opened, but a 12 years old child can’t use them. Oh wait, children might be back at school, but not full time, with masks. No birthday parties (even when restrictions are a bit easier and you try – you can’t tell the child, because lockdowns are unpredictable). Would you think it’s acceptable? My guess, you would call children protection services and discuss the situation.

One more idea. Families. Stay – at – home parents became full time educators, friends & entertainers. Without screen time, there is no education. With screen time – it’s a concern. No support is available, no family, no friends, no gym… all these parents know is that they cannot even go for a walk after the long day, because of the curfew. Overall, no music, no weddings, no parties, no celebration, and don’t even think about talking to your neighbours… There is a chance that some sports high revenue events will happen, but don’t hold your breath for religious celebration as there is no revenue in them… so surely seeing your family and friends is exciting – at home or restaurants, on picnics or nightclub, over a cup of coffee or at the gym, for book club or for communal prayer…. everything is exciting. Going to see a hairdresser is not just another appointment – it’s an exciting opportunity to socialise…

Understand the pressure to obtain the vaccination passports to visit elderly, to see family and friends, to go about your regular day. Personally I expect a few days of delirious state of “free” people. Afterwards make a choice. Are you going to support freedoms for all or not? It’s personal. Just learn the lessons of segregation and see how they are fitting or not to the current situation. Personally, it’s frustrating to be vilified the moment I ask for transparency of policy beyond newspaper article, but it’s personal. Just remember, when we have made a decision to have essential workers and the rest, we allowed segregation. Plus, the rest of the people became non essential by default. So what’s your decision? No judgement, no announcement, no violence, no penalties for changing your mind.

Just please, don’t sit on the fence.

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