Celebrating the Terror

Understand the situation. Look at the photo. This is the reaction to the terrorist attack. Did you know about it? Did your news outlets tell you? Or did they decide to ignore it?

This is the face of the enemy. Watch videos. Understand the situation. These are the “peace partners”.

Your MSM are not going to show it as it doesn’t suit the propaganda, doesn’t fit the narrative. Just understand- they celebrate the loss of lives. Don’t turn away, don’t deny, don’t make excuses – watch.

Hate is blind. Terrorism is unacceptable. Many think of terrorists as lone wolves. Do you see the celebration? It’s sweet for them. A man driving on the street, men drinking beer outside, a police officer trying to stop this bloodshed – these are the innocent victims BDE HY”D. These are the murders they celebrate.

If you are interested to understand who is financing this horror – it’s Iranian & Qatar regime as well as United Nations (mostly through UNWRA). So next time you talk about buying say Qatar oil / gas because you have certain political aspiration – this is what you suggest to finance.

Scroll down your Facebook’s “newsfeed”. Do your Facebook friends see it? Will you share it? Will you tell the story? Will you stand for victims of terrorism? I don’t expect you to have a flag on your pic, but if you do – will you add the flag of Israel?

Understand, your silence has empowered it. Your agreement with the idea of financing Qatar gas has empowered it. Your silence on Iranian deal has empowered it. Your special rules in UN (UNWRA, UNESCO, WHO, UNSC) has empowered it.

So don’t turn away. Now this is a suggestion to you – when reading the story of exodus from Egypt, maybe just remember these videos? This unbelievable cruelty just might be enough to grasp the reality behind plagues.

Now contrast it with the story of crossing the sea of reeds. Even in the fall of army of our oppressors, we morn the loss of lives. We are sad to know that potential for good isn’t realized. This is the teaching of my beloved Torah.

See the contrast. Understand the situation.

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