Wars Are Ugly

In our crazy world, before posting anything I have to start with stating the obvious – wars are ugly, and nobody wants KGB. It saddens my heart that need to state it. Even people who know me in real life are demanding “pledge of allegiance”, which isn’t normal or productive way towards peace.

That obvious things been said, let us think about this article. If true (notice that this outlet will not question or confirm report as it shows by the changes in logo), children from the city under siege are taken to place where they are safer. No, not perfect. Just safer.

Even if taken to Russia, they will understand the language and there is no culture shock. It’s far from the worse than could have happened to them in the war zone. This is obvious, even if very uncomfortable truth.

Now back to the article. Zelensky calling it Nazi is like a boy who cries wolf. My personal concern is that when real problems are happening, everyone is going to stop reacting. Zelensky’s latest round of speeches created more problems – from not thanking for the help and support received, he is going from one nation to another demanding more.

We are very concerned about the war, but you can’t demand help in the form of your preference. And you can’t keep on insulting people. He is very far from the hero MSM created. So please don’t fall for the narrative and please don’t close your heart to the pain.

Above all, when praying – pray for peace. Pain doesn’t know difference between skin colour or religion. This is very important as peace always was and always will be our target.

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