Do Not Covet

This world was created and keeps on being sustained by the Will of G-d. He created people in His image. The soul is breezed in us – this makes us different from everything else. Nowadays we have rules outlined by the 10 Commandments. They contain Infinite Wisdom. One of the rules is not covet other people’s property. 

It’s not as easy as it sounds. especially so to people in power. Nobody likes other people’s criticism. Yes, it can be constructive and way to grow, but liking it is not on the cards. How much more so, when greed of money and power are possessing people – they will try to stop any form of disagreement by bringing opposition to the knees. Once moral bankruptcy is becoming more obvious, typical steps are taken by tyrants. Historically we see deceiving language, twisted and concealed information, personal attacks, denial of accessing resources (typically unpaid wages and diminishing savings through inflammation and unfair banking) to ultimate war on own citizens.

Try to understand the problems they’re creating. See it for not only problem within (which is beyond horrific), but a precedent for the rest of the world.

Providing there is a monarchy in place, the real impact of it is extremely important. it impacts commonwealth countries and beyond. 

So now listen again. He ordered “GoFundMe” redistribution of funds. Once he achieved it, he ordered banks to do the same. 

One has to ask if things like that would happen, if say Prince Charles wouldn’t be one of the biggest supporters of the great reset. As typical overprivileged personality, he supports great reset for some time and in the most open manner, all the while behaving in the manner polar opposite to his plans for average person. Typical attitude and sadly not limited to him alone. 

is it time we start taking it very seriously? wealth redistribution is typically left propaganda. socialism was based on the wealth redistribution. communism was the target, a society where full government control is achieved, so money are taken out of circulation. did we pay attention to the raise of socialism?

Often deceived by unclear language and poor education, generations of people grew up supporting socialism. Excuses of “it’s not the whole system, but just a few policies” combined with poor knowledge of history and incomplete understanding of basic economic principles are creating this environment. 

Socialism is known by great slogans. They’re equivalent of hashtags. Remember #BringBackOurGirls? people in power made selfies with it and did NOTHING. They could, but did absolutely nothing. Typical socialism. 

Another interesting development is using adjectives before socialism to pretend it’s a different system. Democratic socialism sounds much better than national, especially if you are aware of Nazism is just national socialism. Just slightly adjusted terms with moved goalposts and recognition of temporary allies, yet absolutely the same target outcome. 

The very moment you understand that, you will see the goals of great reset as a carbon copy. The book written by the head of the world economic forum needs to be read and understood. No need for incomplete quotes or anyone else talking about it. Read the original text and you will see it. 

Truth is confronting. however it needs to be acknowledged. intertwined complexity of our lives brings us to the point of global village. Like it or not, it’s all connected – from the story of overpaid actress who wants to be a queen to climate change obsessed prince with family ties to accused paedophile or even sports. All connected, yet nothing new under the sun. well, only if you know the history. 

You might ask yourself, why this step of trying to control banks is a critical step towards socialist agenda? It’s simply because once society becomes cashless, average person becomes opened for abuse. You disagree with the policies of the government, no access to your savings. this is what is happening. It’s thought control. 

Don’t fool yourselves in believing that this will be once off. Even if you disagree with truckers, you will be effected. The question is how soon you will feel it. will the CCP policy of one child in the name of the saving planet or strict ratios of resources as outlined by un agendas or anything in between. Yet historically we know it will happen and happen soon. 

It’s critical to understand that all of the above can be only achieved if these tyrants deny the sanctity of life. They think that average person is disposable resources for them. It’s only denial of each person created in the image of G-d that allows them to even persuade such sinister goals. 

So you see, they can only survive by denial of the very first story  in the Bible – the story of creation. Since their survival depends on it, they’re attacking people who carry this knowledge and pass it from generation to generation. They are trying to attack Judaism and the rest of Abrahamic religions by extend. Since attacking Jews isn’t fashionable, they use the mantra of attacking Israel as a country for any reason or lack of thereof. 

Our beloved Torah teachers us do not covet our neighbours’ property. It’s in the 10 Commandments. If we learn that, then we identify wrong turns taken by governments before the situation is going wrong. Yet even when the opportunity to prevent are not taken, we know our line on the sand. It’s the 10 Commandments.

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