Positive Impact Action is The Key

Let me start by saying that I’m Jewish, so a few references might be hard to understand. However I strongly feel that it’s not of a principal importance to comment here. 

Attacking Judeo-Christian values is going on for years. Please understand the depth of the problem, as I see it. 

The problem is advance of socialism in our society. In it’s current form it is idol worshipping. Yet for anyone who has read Marx beyond Manifest and understands Messianic times expectations, parallels are breathtaking and confronting. Often misunderstood ideas coming from the pain of misunderstanding the process of true repentance and forgiveness, at the time of great changes in “acceptable” morality and famous Nietzsche declaration – it became a very dangerous and very violent political movement. Understanding the importance of roots of socialism and development is the only way to see the bigger picture. 

It is extremely important to understand that communism never existed anywhere on a planet. Although it was the end goal of the game and party was called communist as a reflection, it only existed in theory. 

Latter is the key to see why socialists will try to deny connection and use the deceptive language to fool people. The core values of democratic socialist is the same as national socialist (nazism) and all other socialits. History shows us how dog loving vegetarian showed incomprehensible cruelty. It’s fascinating to understand that he proudly traced himself to Amalek (which is important, because you will understand the connection between Timna & Sodom story – relevance to the subject on hand)

Yet the ideas are very contagious and will continue capturing young impressionable minds. As famous saying goes – if you are not a socialist in your 20s, you have no heart. If you are still a socialist in your 30s, you have no brain. 

The only antidote is strong traditional family. We understand it, and so does the other side. Therefore many socialist policies will attack it, mostly with beautiful slogans like “children is our future”. Innocently sounding and hard to disagree, yet if you understand socialism – it’s identifying the target. 

Always remember that G-d provided humanity with antidote to all the problems of the world. He created it in His Infinite Wisdom, so the cure is precise and it’s always rooted in the 10 Commandments. In this case it is the commandment to honour your father and your mother (proper family structure) and not covet (polar opposite of socialism). 

Now that we’ve established the background story (although there is much more to discuss, if anyone is interested – for me discussion is a way to grow), we understand the reason behind Left’s drive to ruin families. Please remember that original socialits were all for immoral sexual activity, yet a wave of std and unwanted children saw the changes in policies. 

LGBTQ is a very confused movement. At the head of it, they have same power greedy overpaid socialits. Without natural ability to procreate or inability to create traditional family, their only way is attack. It puts them in a peculiar place of alliance with greens and socialits on basis of “your enemy is my enemy”. As unwelcomed as LGBTQ are in nazism, the blind hate towards people of the book is in their nature (see reference to Timna above). 

For those of us who are lucky not to have such temptation, we should exercise “do not judge” rule. Blissfully unaware of the struggle of true gay temptation, do not judge is not the same as endorse. This is another very important principle. 

Furthermore, it’s important to keep our private life private. At no given point we reject other people’s struggle or suffering. Compassion is very important. 

The children going through puberty often struggle. What seems like a simple matter for adults, becomes a hard soul searching experience for children. Therefore we have important boundaries like not allowing them to enter into contracts until certain age. That includes all contracts. 

This is the reason why socialists introduced the idea of mature minor. It’s similar to young communist in USSR and China as well as Hitler’s youth. This is the idea of “children is our future” in action. Instead of providing support to ever changing needs of the growing-up kids, they provide inclusion and acceptance as long as the child rejects old values. It’s relatively new development of “love is love” inclusion. Take Putin (old school KGB and a Communist Party member) – he gladly accepts the ideas of children rejecting their parents, but outright rejects ideas “love is love”. 

Once mature minor is an official policy (strongly recommend reading about it on Ministry of Education website), the movement require martyrs / heros. With generation of people who want to be friends with their children instead of parents & everyone is the winner, they lack basic understanding of the 10 Commandments. 

As a friend, you can’t tell your child much or create any boundaries. Your opinion is as good as any other friends. There are no extended family. Children are confused and crave love (with boundaries). And here we are – LGBTQ “love is love”. Unsure about body – mature minor will be given the access to medicare funded sex “alterations”, including but not limited to cutting healthy children to sacrifice to the idol of so called “love”.

As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. What started as compassion for struggling soul, ended as attack on family, only because compassion was misplaced. Always remember that people who genuinely struggle with gay temptation require our support. Positive impact action provide that support and dignity. 

So the fight isn’t new. Government bribes many places through grants and tax relief to silence. Silence brings void and void is filled with loud alt-right and left. It’s same on the issue of transgender, or “dignity of life” (assisted suicide), or abortion, or climate change (new world order) and unfortunately much more. This is the scope of the war. Our hope is in turning away from “i object” and move forward to positive impact action firmly rooted in the 10 Commandments. 

Now back to the battle. Bravery of people standing up to idol worshipers is something to support. We have to be clear – support for mutilation of children and vulnerable adults is unacceptable. Love is finding positive outlet for the difficult struggle of the soul. 

Moving children at risk to another school is allowing them to abuse the child. Creating appropriate loving environment with boundaries is the key.

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