Happy Chanukah Everyone

It’s time for us to remember our history and try to learn from it. A few weeks ago we were reading about Yakov’s ladder and discussed that life is a movement. Where did it move from the last Channukah celebration? There is no doubt in my mind that the world is moving forward to better and brighter future. The question is rather if the road taken is the optimal option. 

Asking a big question is always confronting. There are no practical answers, so let’s make it smaller and personal. Instead of expecting too much, let me share my personal growth of the last year. 

Madness of the outside world, filled with huge concentration of power are very confronting and often shocking. Personally, I object to segregate and hate, however all of it is happening without voting or elections – thus it’s a backdrop to my life. There are positive developments too and it’s encouraging to see that a large number of people getting together peacefully to support each other. The key factors of each person created in the image of G-d and respecting your neighbors will see us through these trying times.

These messages are timeless and the reality of The 10 Commandments is proven throughout the history. Yet each day brings new understanding of it. Somehow we bring new energy to these timeless messages. 

This new energy, new appreciation and new understanding are wonderful and exciting. Remember the message of Chanukah – religious freedoms were attacked and we had to restore them. It’s about our freedom, our Temple and trust in HaShem. 

Growing up in a socialist country, we didn’t have freedoms. Socialism is ugly and adjectives before it do not change the nature of it as there is no emphasis on value of human lives. Once they deny people being created in the image of G-d, human rights are denied. 

Imagine my joy when witnessing a first public Menorah lighting. Yet it didn’t compare to seeing that wonderful golden Menorah re-created by The Temple Institute. It’s ready for us. It’s a message of joy and hope. 

For years afterwards Chanukah was a juggling experience of the number of public celebrations. Everything was so beautiful and free, there were songs and dancing, food and light, and sometimes even fireworks. 

It was a fashionable thing to celebrate Chanukah – from movies to strange fringe political gathering. As a result, message of Chanukah was somewhat watered down by political correctness and irony of politicians providing lip service while denying historical reality of Jerusalem been the eternal and undivided capital of Israel. 

With growing aggressive expressions of antisemitism, main celebration was moved into fenced area. For our own good & safety, the move was only opposed by a few people. It was shocking difference – not only we had to register, but the unique characteristics were lost. 

Not much prepared me to the idea of not having public celebrations due to directions of health department. As we traditionally have only men lighting the Menorah, it was great to see that light coming from my home. It was my opportunity to learn more history. As a lady, my Shabbat candles are my light & it’s a wonderful blessing to watch my better half to bring this light down. It makes me think of Maccabees, their struggle and triumph, the history before and after……one day I would be brave enough to share my thoughts of history before and after. One day, but not now. For now, let’s celebrate our lives, our history and do it with pride.

The Temple will be rebuilt soon. Then the light will come from Judea, from Jerusalem, from The Temple. This is our reality. Even if for now we have to light our own little lights in public and in private. 

Happy Chanukah. May we see The Temple rebuild soon in our days 💖

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