G-d creates everything and everyone. People aren’t able to understand anything. We can learn, try, struggle – however the more we learn, the more we appreciate our ignorance.

Tragedy struck on this Lag B’Omer. What happened to all the lessons and inspirational stories? What happened to understanding? Why do I feel numb? Numb and ignorant… Only one message, please. Please don’t blame any side, please remember we need unity. Support each other… We are all in pain.

Our beloved Torah teaches us the value of life. We are taught to respect life. Loss of life is a somber occasion. Even when the enemy is destroyed, the loss of life & potential good is lost. How much more so now, 45 lives lost… What can I understand? How can I understand G-d, if I can’t understand His creation. Same sun warms us one day and burns us if we stay exposed to it too long, cheers us with light and blinds us if we stare at it, produces rainbow and blends all colours in white, amazes with brightness of rays through clouds and hides beautiful stars… And it’s all happening at every moment, now…

What is now? No answers, just random thoughts and a wholehearted wish for unity and The Temple. It feels strange and surreal. Something big is happening. Is it how it felt to waiting for Moses to come down the Mount Sinai? Moses was on time, all I need is to believe. One step at a time – just watch the sun through the clouds and see trees, birds, roofs…

Please G-d we will see The Temple soon đź’–

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