We often talk about the need for education standards and crucial requirements of knowing history (real history, not whitewashed politically correct version).

It’s a very confronting, uncomfortable and hard, yet necessary.

It’s important to understand that every event had some prior pattern as truly there is nothing new under the sun. WWII is no exception.

What did we learn? did we figure out how to find a balance between been law abiding citizens and ability to unidentify the time to resist?

To figure out the balance, we need to be able to check ourselves against standards. with the world changing so much and so fast (we are bombarded with news stories – or more accurate propaganda, which are filtered, silenced, aged, hashed, trivialized, dramatized at whim ).

Try society standards and you will be caught between gossip and alt policies (left and right – both equally scary & far from productive or balance).

Our standards should be based upon something much more stable. they should be written on stone by The Higher Power of The Creator. reality of our life, that they are brought down & universally accepted. Moses brought down The 10 Commandments.

These well known rules should be the basis for our everyday decisions. as we count the days to the anniversary of us receiving them, we learn to appreciate every day.

NEVER AGAIN is not just a slogan. the complexity of the matter is far beyond this post. yet antidote to the horrendous events is still rooted in The 10 Commandments. and remember that resistance to horrors should be swift, strong, balanced, adequate and include positive actions.

It’s this positive action that makes things balanced. small acts of kindness are the keys to our success. identify the opportunity and act.

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