The Hate is Blind

We all remember endorsement of Nazism by mufti of Jerusalem and his personal friendship with Hitler… we remember the history. Sadly, this bloodthirsty hate is far from gone…

Remember, we are talking about well recognized influential figures, not just a fringed person.

So what does it tell us?

In the time when we remember victims of the Holocaust, we see that hate is confronting. Sadly, racism is resurfacing again & again (or more like it’s never gone).

There should be an action. Wouldn’t it be great if Muslim leaders condemn it (especially religious leaders)? as doing it by themselves, just to separate from hate…. or how about so-called journalists speaking against it and confronting it?

Let’s try to understand the depth of the problem. My beautiful Jerusalem – I turn my face to you when I pray. For many generations my ancestors did the same as we remember your glory and pray for The Temple.

Judea, Jerusalem, lion of Judah – the land was always waiting for our return. The Temple is waiting for us.

The Temple will be back. All 70 nations will benefit. Each nation is created by G-d, therefore there is a beautiful meaningful value. We as humanity need to recognise it. Like having different colours, smells, textures and sounds, embracing our differences is wonderful. We don’t want melting pot – unity is not uniformity.

The ground rules for unity are well known. Only G-d who is One and Only Creator knows and communicates these rules. The 10 Commandments are the key, simple sounding, yet it takes lifetime of study…

My reality does not depend on fairy tales. We don’t need mass conversations, we need recognition of individual value based on value of every life. There is no “us and them” – there is G-d and beautiful world He created.

We need to confront evil. Silence is mud. Confronting it has to be grassroot & it’s not turning another cheek or singing songs. Allowing our enemies to spew hate is allowing to poison impressionable minds. Unacceptable.

We will be having most glorious pilgrimage to The Temple. We will see it. My beautiful beloved Jerusalem, your liberty will shine. We will find peace partners among 70 nations.

May we see The Temple rebuild soon in our days.

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