This post is brought about by listening to Alan Jones talking on Sky News.

Remember the name – Sara Halimi HY”D. Her murderer shouted death to Jews and proclaimed his religious bloodthirsty views loud and clear. He is free.

I read a lot about poor woman. To be honest, I struggle with it so much. If you follow news from France, you see the continued problem with “no go zones”.

Now in pandemic they talk about patient zero. To me in this outrageous wave of deadly anti-Semitic attacks in French “no go” zones patient zero is Ilan Halimi HY”D.

Remember….. remember him? They tortured poor Ilan for days. They called parents so they could hear his screams… They took turns, men and women. Neighbours could hear, but police didn’t come to help. Did anyone call? Not sure…

Remember….. remember Tolous? Soldiers and children were the target. Not just any children. Jewish children. And all while proclaiming his religious bloodthirsty views. Do you remember their names? The victims were 8-year-old Myriam Monsonego, brothers Arié and Gabriel Sandler, 6 and 3, and their father Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, a teacher at the school.…/Toulouse_and_Montauban…

Blood is spilled and we all upset, change profile pics, use hashtag, create memorial (sometimes) proclaim our understanding and NOTHING is done.

I’m not a scholar of any religion. Following my Jewish faith is complicated enough and I have a long way to go in understanding. With approaching holiday of Shavuot (anniversary of Moses bringing down The 10 Commandments), the validity and importance of these principles are only becoming more clear.

Abrahamic faith followers claim to accept The 10 Commandments. It’s becoming more and more up to our personal responsibility to follow them.

As per news – at the best, they will report a story. Often even trusted news sources will not have courage / resources/ time to bring proper background. It’s up to us to remember. remember and don’t stand idly by your brother’s blood.


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