Music and Judaism

This post is inspired by listening to a beautiful by Chaim Dovid “Yiboneh

One of the most wonderful and enjoyable things of our everyday lives are colours. Different colours are often triggering different feelings, different emotions.
Even more fascinating is realisation of same colour bringing down practically opposite feelings. This makes things much more complicated, yet more exciting.
Adding sounds to colours opens my inner self. It’s a very common feeling. We listen to the music and enjoy watching video clips with it. This is fun, exciting, calming and thought provoking at the same time.
Sometimes I find myself in a peculiar situation. It happens when my imagination runs wild, while listening to the music. Particular music would be associated with one thing in my world, but author or performer had polar opposite views. 
Often I struggle with it. Why do actors / musicians take prayers and make performance out of it? What is “cultural” Judaism? Is it a good idea or an opposite? 
Surely when performance is triggered by genuine feelings, it’s fantastic. This will spark love and understanding.
But what do we do, when it’s more like a stolen melody? What if it’s all done for fame and money? What do we do about it? Personally this is time to associate it with grey colour. Stay strong, don’t assume and give it a chance. Maybe it will inspire someone to look further? Maybe it will become a trigger for further research? Hopefully it will help to move from “cultural” to true Judaism.
True Judaism is a complete way of life. True Judaism has all the colours, all the music, all the feelings. Each day now we are counting the Omer. Each day it’s a new world of feelings and emotions (often very hard to pair together, always colourful meditation).
True life is beautiful colour and sound. This beautiful mix makes me think of Levites singing on the steps of The Temple. May we hear their sweet songs soon in our days 💖

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