BDS is Honest. Are We?

My thoughts after reading an article in World Israel News.

BDS are pure anti-Semites. No ifs or buts. They endorse a statement “from the river to the sea”, which is denying Israel any rights to exist. European Union are socialist driven. Any socialist cannot coexist with religion. It’s rather simple – socialist ideology is placing workers as a base of the political agenda. Sounds like a good idea. Yet means of achieving it are clearly outlined by Marx and further developed by Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Che, Castro and so on (with greens and democratic socialist as main political parties as well as BDS, BLM, antifa, occupy wall strret, etc are carrying out the same policies)

All of the above stated their goals and pathways very clear. The way to achieve their utopian goal is to take power from middle class (burgua, kulack and the rest of “them” ) and give it to the masses. but who will be in charge of giving? Well, that’s simple – the government. They always preference the one large government, where countries will lose unnecessary expense of borders. money is viewed as a temporary way to achieve communism (which is the same way of everyone working for the greater good, but ideologically understands that money is the root of all evil).

The socialist system will decide the amount of private property people will own & education you require. they will tell you how many children you should have to ensure the optimal size of the workforce. They will tell you what kind of healthcare you should receive and when should “mother nature” take its toll (usually about 5 years into pension). Humans are just evolutionary events and therefore easily substituted by another one. There are a few unique individuals, but as they get older the value of their life is depreciating too.

Socialists understand that they need money. but where do you get it from? Looting.

Everyone who doesn’t agree with this ideology is killed. Thus religion is one of the primary targets. And here we come to the “problem” with Jews. Easily identifiable target with beliefs in G-d. Money isn’t a problem – Jewish ideas are not covert (as you can’t take someone else’s property because you want to or decide to do it) and charity (as you can decide who you will support and why. Want to support more people? Work harder) as well as value of all lives (starting with unborn babies to looking after elderly). Another principle is to pay workers fairly and in the timely manner is a very important Jewish law. Majority are law abiding citizens, because Jews believe in G-d and the rest of the rules are followed as a law of the land. And now same Jews have their own country. For Jews, Jerusalem is important (we turn towards Jerusalem when we pray – all over the world we do the same). for Jews Hevron is important (this is the resting place of our forefathers and three out of four foremothers). For Jews the land of Israel is important as it’s given to us by G-d. All you have to do is open the Bible. Jews don’t add to the Bible. It’s this Bible that keeps us together it’s this Bible that became basis for what we call Abrahamic religions.

We can continue to compare socialism to Judaism, but we see that the differences are fundamental and irreconcilable. One believes in rights of workers and mother nature, the other in G-d. Things are that simple.

It is the matter of importance to study and understand socialism, otherwise one falls for slogans (which are always so great).

BDS is one of the tools to attack Jewish state. They have it as a policy. They cover up in “loving humanity” cloak, yet don’t hide their hate to everything Jewish. EU is socialist – look into their goals, agenda, leadership, etc. Especially important to read documents and discussions, which lead to creating EU. As socialists, they have chosen to attack Jewish values (look at their attacks on the land of Israel, Kosher and circumcision, especially for newborn boys).

Good to see that many people can see their agenda and the reality of the current situation. It’s especially important to see the development of the Abrahamic peace deals. Surely everyone who knows Abrahamic religions, knows the value of peace as its outlined in the Bible and based on the relationships between Abraham and his descendants. The land is given to Jews. Deniers are irrelevant ( although very blood thirsty and sometimes successful, yet irrelevant. Price paid for this knowledge is high, but they never succeed in the long run).

EU will disappear. BDS will disappear. They are just hate. There are no ifs or buts about it.

The question you must answer is rather simple. Which side are you on? And always remember, there are supporters and opponents. silence is not an option, abstaining is not an option. It’s latter that gives encouragement to haters. So pick your side, and please be honest with yourself about it.

BDS is honest. Are we?

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