Palestine – Factory of Lies

Did you cry when you saw the story? Young child is a victim. A victim of what?

Our media will not report the truth. It’s very frustrating. Make no mistake, our media outlets have a lot to answer for in the current events.

Words are important. Unlike many other cultures, Judaism pays attention to words we use. The concept of lashon hara is talked about. The concept is hard to describe in one sentence, but for the simplicity of things it’s misinformation, gossip and idle talk all in one. It’s considered to be unacceptable.

The world is filled with fanatics, who want to rule over other people. To be clear, there are 2 main starting points: money / power and religion. More often than not we see fusion as so called religious leaders have very sheltered and privileged lifestyle, but it’s more of the outcome and benefit, then starting point.

In the Middle East, religion drives majority of conflicts. The land is soaked with blood and the struggle is ongoing. It’s a struggle between religious beliefs, where we see different groups of the same religion murdering each other in the most horrific way. What can we expect from them towards people who don’t follow their beliefs? Complicated history of the region doesn’t leave anyone squeaky clean. It seems like ongoing wars see all the borders reshaped on the ongoing basis. At the present time we are talking about 22 countries where vast majority are Muslims and only ONE Jewish country (if you have time, look into Lebanon, Turkey / Ottoman, Iran / Persia and Iraq / Babylon history – shocking intertwined stories of great cultures, poets, philosophy, architecture and bloodthirsty violence).

Israel is a small country. For people unfamiliar with geography, have a look. It’s actually a tiny territory. There are a few reasons it sounds big – we know majority of the towns from the Bible and it’s always in the news. Just on the side note, do you know the story of Jericho, where walls fell down after Jews marched around them 7 times? It sounds hard to understand, but not after you see the size of the city (or should I say ruins). And yes, there is a fresh water stream …… it’s all very real.

There is a beautiful Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Invaders tried to divide it, but historically it never happened. Jerusalem was never a capital of any other country. Like the land of Israel, Jerusalem waited for Jews to return. This beautiful city is situated on the Judean Hills. In the heart of Jerusalem is the Temple Mount.

So ask yourself, do you know the history of the region? Maybe it’s okay with others to have Constantinople and Hagia Sophia to have rewritten history, but I dare to say it’s important to remember. Especially so the history of Jerusalem. They can try to rename things, but it doesn’t change the reality. Especially since it’s clearly written in the Bible & not mentioned even once in the Koran. History is not always comfortable and rarely politically correct.

So what all of the above has to do with that photo? That poor child that was a victim? She is a victim of fraud. You see, she is a child model. She is alive and well. Isn’t it a wonderful news? It’s not surprising that terrorists are using this photo for propaganda. They do it all the time. Obviously the situation isn’t that bad if they have to use fake stories….. Remember fake funerals ? And who can forget Jenin? One and only place in the universe where next day after cow skeletons were photographed as human remains….. what about al dura case? remember? stories of using human shields, remember? Stories of UN-run schools with violence inciting curriculum? And remember, they count every death as death due to the conflict (they have done it before too), so don’t fall victim to the numbers they provide……

Propaganda is powerful. Knowing the power of words, it’s not surprising that our enemies are using it. This is the digital war and it’s becoming integral part of assault. Yet the photo was used by so called main stream media – msm. So-called journalists just parroted false stories. Yes, majority of them deleted them, but the damage is done. With typical cowardly way out -our msm didn’t admit their mistakes. Or maybe they agreed with propaganda?

We are not able to understand terrorists. It’s probably some sort of a disorder, like any other violent crimes perpetrators. However we have to confront unprofessional bias and very damaging behaviour of so-called journalists.

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