Violence Needs to be Confronted and Terrorism is Unacceptable

So let me get it right – in UK Sir David Amess passed away. Facts known so far:

  • He was stabbed
  • He was murdered
  • It was terrorism
  • It happened in Church
  • He was s conservative MP
  • His murderer name is Ali Harbi
  • His murderer is from Somalia 
  • His murderer is from the family of Somali government 

One would expect that news like that would be shocking enough to be reported in top stories, yet Google puts it low, local news outlets are relatively quiet and our left leaning media sees the biggest problem in apparent trauma of the TERRORIST’S father.
So for those of you who are unaware of the news or just catching up on it, the story is heart-breaking. We have officially lost the plot. 
Serious investigation is required. Enough cover ups. Enough pretending it’s due to financial struggle. In a day or two we will start hearing stories of mental health problem of this terrorist. Yes, normal people don’t kill others. Especially so personal – by knife inside a Church.
For those of you who are unaware of the current situation – Somalia isn’t a friendly country and it’s sadly not uncommon for Christians to be murdered in the country purely for religious reasons. Religious violence is common. This is a good starting point of research
So please remember the victim of terrorism. In this case we can see positive impact and push towards peace that Sir Adam Amess had on our society. Above all, look at the way his family is talking about peace and compassion. What impact will this have on us? Will we become better people or just pay a lip service? Would we admit the problem or just sweep it under the rug? It’s up to each and everyone of us. 

Maybe it’s time for my personal reflection. There are a lot of religious tension. Volumes of books are written about religious beliefs and similarities in all the followers of Abraham. Abraham had many sons and surely he loved his children. Throughout the history, we can clearly see the difference in path for Abraham’s children. In my opinion, it was the difference in mothers’ upbringing that made such huge impact. 
It’s especially important reflection this week as we study the life of Abraham and his interactions with G-d. The message was the same for people around, it’s interpretation is the key difference. Great importance of each life is a core value of Judaism. It is because of value of each individual life, we don’t encourage conversation although welcome converts. 
Please allow me to dwell on this point. Understand that there is only One G-d. He created everything and everyone. Therefore there is the role, space and place for each person. There is certain freedom of choice and therefore universal rules of this world are required. These rules are the same for everyone. We call them Noachide Laws. Following these laws will bring peace. When Abraham came to this world, his personal journey had an impact on the way he brought up his family. It’s extremely important to remember that Abraham followed Noachide Laws and refined our attitude to Noachide Laws. 
There are a lot to learn from Abraham and mothers of his children. Yet when time came to put Abraham to rest, his sons came together. Our forefather Abraham is with his beloved wife Sarah. It’s from this union, that Isaac was born. When you go to visit Hevron, you will see and understand the story. No words can describe the felling… it’s positive impact left by our forefathers and foremothers that inspire us.
So now back to my reflection. It’s heart-breaking to see such violence and pain. Whatever message we are reading, interpretation of it always needs to be examined. It’s the conclusion that requires a balance of compassion and accountability. Violence needs to be confronted and terrorism is unacceptable. Without recognition of such simple reality, we will not be able to confront it. Punishment should follow as terrorism is ugly. Although always hope to see true repentance from perpetrator of violence, our compassion shouldn’t be misplaced. Furthermore, it’s unacceptable to misplace the anger and lash out in pain… balance is the key. 
As for now, please remember the victim by reading about his positive impact on the world and consider doing the act of charity in his memory.

Just don’t allow the story to be forgotten or become a hashtag without action.

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